Mini Tutorial Pixel Art Grass

    This is the technique I use when I make grass. There are probably a lot more ways to do it but this is the only way I know. 

   Choose your background color and then pick at least two tints lighter than that one for highlights and one shade darker for shadows. It's good to hue-shift as you go up and down in value. For example in an outdoor setting when you have lighter colors you want them to be more yellow and darker colors should be more blue.

    If you want your final result to be warmer or dryer feeling, use colors more shifted into the yellow/orange range. If you want a cooler look shift in the opposite direction towards blue.  

    Draw random grass-like shapes one shade lighter than the background. Some people make the grass blades darker than the background color but I prefer to make them lighter. 

    Next choose which direction you want your light source to be coming from and add highlights to the tops of the blades and shadows near the bottom. 

    To spice things up add some more plant varieties including different colors. Flowers and berry bushes are a good choice. 

    If you want to add even more depth and detail add another shade of color lighter than the shadow color but darker than the background. Then use the background color to draw more grass shapes. Be careful not to add too much detail to these though. The result can easily start to look messy and cluttered. 

And that’s it, now you can make your own cute little grassy meadow.


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