DevLog #1 TinyFarmCraft game

    This is what I've been working on for the past few weeks. It doesn't look like much but I'm still new to game development and even newer to pixel art. I'm not sure if this is the final direction I want to go with the art but we will see.

    I'm using Tiled editor to make the maps and importing them into Godot game engine. This has upsides and downsides but it seems like it should be a sustainable workflow. For pixel art I'm using Aseprite. I decided on a tile size of 8x8 because I figured I could make decent art more quickly as a newb than if I tried to do something higher-res. I might switch to 16x16 becuase it's difficult to fit all the detail for some objects into 8x8 pixels, small objects like books for example are hard to recognize and look huge on top of furniture.

    As far as over-all game design plans, I want it to be a farming/adventure game like a Zelda Harvestmoon mashup where the farming aspect has features that improve your ability to fight and adventure and maybe visa-versa. For example you could grow food that when eaten give you stat buffs for adventuring and when you are out adventuring you could find rare seeds that produce valuable produce.

    I'm considering making a portion of the game procedurally generated. Like where there would be a main hand-made town and surrounding areas with dungeons but then you go far enough and you get procedurally generated areas with random dungeons and stuff. As far as the hand made areas go I want a town, forest, moutain, desert, and snow area to start out with. With lots of hidden secrets.

    I'm not sure how log this will take but if I stick to it I might be close to finishing within a year as a rough estimate/goal but I guess we'll see.