DevLog #2 TinyFarmCraft game

    I made a simple dungeon tileset and made a little test dungeon in Tiled, then I imported it into Godot and messed around with lighting and fog effects. I'm still not sure how I feel about them because for one they require a lot of GPU power so it may have trouble running on slow computers or phones if I decide to release on mobile. Another reason is that for this simple style of pixel art it may seem a little out of place to have high quality fog effects, but maybe i'm wrong. The tileset has lots of soon-to-be interactable items in it. Barrels, crates, ladders, buttons, switches, and locked doors. It'll be fun to add functionality to all those. 
    I've been having a lot of trouble with Y-sorting in Godot. I think I got it all figured out eventually but it involved making some tiles into objects which will slow down my workflow quite a bit unless I can figure out a way to automate it. I know in Tiled there's an option to make objects and then set custom properties automatically using automapping so there may be a way to do it, It's just going to take time for me to figure it out.

    A note on social media marketing. I went down a rabbit hole in the past week researching as many techniques as I could find to grow an audience as quickly as possible. Turns out it takes a lot of work, suprise suprise. I've looked into maybe 5 different automation tools to help free up my time for school and game dev. I've decided on using a combination of different tools that have limited free plans, including but not limited to; Buffer, Zapier, Feedly, IFTTT and maybe others. The Idea is to create as much "evergreen content" as possible and then repost it automatically on a set interval, that way I don't have to post things to 5 different social media sites constantly. So far I've just created some pixel art and a few short clips of my game progress.

    Some of you who know about social media marketing may have noticed a gapping hole in my "brilliant plan" to automate everything. The problem is that on most platforms you really can't draw much attention by just posting alone. You have to also be active in the community. You have to interact with other creators and people in your niche to get their attention. Otherwise you'll just be playing a concerto to an empty room. Luckily this isn't as hard as it seems. I got my first 100 twitter followers in a week with only a few original media posts, and no it wasn't because I followed a 400 people, although that did help. Most of the followers I got were from leaving positive comments on other people's work. You just search for a relevant hashtag, in my case it was #indieGame or #pixelArt, and you comment on a game or artwork with something like "wow that's so cool!" and they are a lot more likely to follow you than if you had just followed them or liked their stuff or even retweeted them. So there you have it. That's how you hack your way to success in the cut-throught world of social media. But please do be advised to take my advice with a grain of salt as I only just started this social media campaign a week ago.