DevLog #4 TinyFarmCraft

Combat update! I got the slimes to follow and attack me within range. They have a simple smoke poof effect when they die and they make a pop sound as well. The hardest part was getting their knockback to feel right. They would barely move if I hit them while they were standing still and they would go flying if I hit them while they were moving. So I rewrote the movement code for them and for the animals as well. 

The animals now can be pushed out of the way and it doesn't look that bad now. It took me way longer to fix this than it should have. Before when I pushed them they would go sliding like air hockey pucks. After rewriting the slime movement code I saw how to fix it. 

Player HP is connected to the HP bar now and updates properly. This was easier than I thought it would be. UI scares me for some reason. It reminds me of doing web design, css especially, I can never just get things to position the way I want.

Next up is for me to make some new enemies. Make some convincing attack animations for the player. Get the stamina system working. Then maybe I’ll move on to inventory stuff. I’m also excited about getting dialog to work because I thought of some quests that might be pretty funny. 

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this but Godot’s RichTextLabels don’t resize very well. Which is a shame because they can do really cool text animations and colors and images. So I either have to have a boring fixed size dialog box with cool text animations or a dynamic size changing speech bubble above the characters head. I think I can create a compromise between the two but we’ll see.


On the social media front I’ve been steadily gaining followers. I gained over 280 on Twitter in 25 days, 50 on instagram, and just a few on facebook, pinterest, and tumblr. My Blog is getting around 15 hits a day. I still haven't got the automation kinks figured out but once I do maybe I’ll make a tutorial. Social media is a huge time sink but hopefully it will be worth it when I finally have a finished game to promote.