DevLog #5 TinyFarmCraft

300 Followers on twitter @phonoforest

    I celebrated 300 followers on Twitter Sunday. I’ve been spending more and more time on twitter and increasingly less time actually developing my game. I keep thinking about what I would put in a social media tutorial so I may as well start making one. I’ve also been doing #pixel_dailies challenges every day for the past 23 days and I think it’s really improving my pixel art skills quickly. I created a page for them on the Blog. The other day I learned how to create highlights and shadows using neutral colors instead of just using a brighter or darker version of the color you want to shade or highlight. I may need to make another pixel art tutorial soon because I’m learning so many things. It would be nice to write them somewhere so I don’t forget them. I haven't got a whole lot of hits on my other pixel art tutorial yet. 

As far as actual DevLog stuff goes. I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to wrap my head around using inheritance effectively in Godot. Maybe it’s just the way things are set up in Godot but I keep finding myself adding a bunch of functionality higher up in the inheritance chain and having to overwrite or remove it in lower branches. It would be much better to have basic functionality on top and gradually add functionality as you go down the ladder. I meant to have learnt this concept a year and a half ago at uni but it must not have stuck. 
In other news I learned how to import animations from Aseprite directly into Godot. This will be a huge time saver when I make enemies with complex animations like bosses, which I am dreading. I’m not sure I’m confident enough with the Godot engine yet and with pixel art to make decent Zelda-like boss fights. I may have to complete a small simple side project or two and release them as mobile apps in order to hone my gameDev skills. I don’t even know how to create menus yet, which is a problem. 

I added a new enemy, I called it a Gobbler cuz it’s a tiny goblin. I stole the design from something I found on, but it has a royalty-free licence so you know what that means? That’s right it means it's my design now *insert evil laugh here. Just kidding, it’s by Krishna Palacio. I will credit them in my game too if I ever finish it.