DevLog #3 TinyFarmCraft game

        I've made a lot of progress since the last devlog even if it doesn't look that way. A lot of  effort has gone into the import script that imports maps from Tiled editor into Godot. The plan is to finish all of the game's functionality in Godot and then be able to do everything else in Tiled. Using Tiled's automapping and other advanced features I should be able to design maps, levels, dungeons and quests, all without needing to mess around in Godot at all. That's the tentitive plan at least. 

        I also spent a lot of time tring to get some "fake" lights to work in the dungeon. The light2D nodes that are built into Godot not only have very bad performance but you cant really use more than one at a time in close proximity or they randomly stop working. Something about them using "single pass" rendering or some nonsense. So I'm trying to avoid them altogether. I've got a simple method of drawing a semi-transparent light texture on top of the canvas using additive mode. I made it flicker with a simple script that uses simplex noise in order to smooth the flickers. I think I'm going to have to learn shader code in order to make dark rooms light up using this method though. 

        The interactable objects that have sprites now light up when the player is facing them. I tried to do an outline using shaders at first but that would have required me to split up all my sprite sheets so I opted for the eaiser "modulate" option on the spirite to lighten it up when the player is in range. I'm pretty satisfied with the result. 

        The sound effects were super easy I just found some royalty free sounds on and added edited them in audacity, I changed the speed and pitch, added some compression, reverb, noise reduction and some low-pass filter. I think the result is pretty good considering I'm an ameture at best at sound design. I also came up with a little tune using I don't know if I will use it in the game yet but I had a lot of fun making it. 

        I spent much less time adding new content than I would have liked but I keep getting caught up in little problems that require complex solutions. I'm still working on being able to push animals out of the way but I'm pretty close to finishing that. I ran into some more Y-sorting issuses but I think I've got a good way of handling them now using a combiniation of Y-sort nodes and z layers in Godot. 

        I added the slime in just for fun, I needed a break from the complicated stuff. I think I should work on combat stuff next and then the inventory system. Both of those should be more fun than trying to fix these small complicated probelms.