DevLog #7 Void Climber

    I’ve been slacking off recently and haven’t added a whole lot to the game. Instead I’ve been focused on social media and also researching audio production. And by “researching” I mean watching entertaining youtube videos where professional beat producers goof around. I managed to create a background track for the title screen that I'm not embarrassed of. To me it sounds like a Howard Shore movie score but I'm sure to any trained ear it sounds clumsy and amateurish. 

    Apart from that I have a working title screen and I’ve added some items to the game. An eye that increases your night vision as you delve into lower depths. A jar with a little light bug inside that increases your light radius when you delve too deep for your night vision to work. Some spiky boots to let you wall slide and wall jump. And a magic feather that allows you to double jump. I still need to add the dash ability and respective item that enables it. 

    I’ve also added moving platforms. They look really nice when I apply non-linear movement. I ran into some trouble with jittering when the platforms move upward too fast which I think I can fix by detecting when a character is on the platform and then move their Y position at the same time the platform is moving, instead of just letting the physics try to sort it out. 

I put a little skeleton dude in the game, He’s pretty dumb right now but he has basic obstical avoidance. He jumps when something is in front of him and turns around when he encounters a gap in the floor. He’s really fun to play with right now because he can’t hurt you, and you can jump on top of him and ride around. I think I’m going to add a secret unlockable ability that lets you be friends with skeletons so other people can goof around too. 

    In other news my pixel art skills are definitely improving. I can produce a decent looking 64x64 image for #pixel_dailes in a half hour consistently, a feat which was taking me hours each time one month ago. I’ve also started making timelapse videos of each piece on youtube. My workflow is to record my screen with OBS then use ShotCut to speed it up 8x and then upload it to youtube where I then add a royalty free audio track. 

    In the following week I hope to add combat and work on level designs. I guess we we'll see how that goes.