A.I. Girls are ruining my life

    So you know how I said that generating Images with Stable Diffusion was addicting? Well that may have been a bit of an understatement. I am currently locked in an all encompassing internal battle to either keep making hundreds of breathtaking pictures of landscapes and beautiful ladies, or rejoin society and do basic human things like eating and sleeping and going to work. 

Damn she's got clavicles for days!
    Which side do you think is winning?

When it gets chilly you can just wrap rocks around yourself like a blanket, who knew?

    I've been using eleuther.ai to generate small fantasy writing prompts to post alongside some of my images on DeviantArt. Here's an example:
She looked longingly out across the vast harsh landscape that stretched in every direction. It was a land of rock and ice and snow, of vast expanses of emptiness. It was a land of solitude and isolation, of the unknown and the unknowable. She could not see the sun, but she could see the light. The light was everywhere and that filled her heart with bitter hope.

    All this AI stuff is really fun. I want to generate everything now. I had an Idea to have an AI generate epic fantasy music to play as these images pan across the screen and live stream it 24/7 on YouTube like that chill/study lofi girl. 

    This kind of art would also make really great album covers. There's so many possibilities. Maybe I'll start an onlyfans lol.