I've Been Having way too much fun messing around with Stable Diffusion

    So I figured out how to get this new fangled machine learning model to run on my trusty GTX 1660 and have been producing images with it non-stop for the past few days. Its addictive because you don't know if what you're going to get is going to be cool or not. It's like gambling but instead of money it's your time and electricity getting spent.

creepy sci-fi girl

    Because my graphics card isn't high end it takes a few minutes to generate a single image. Its like I've come full circle, waiting for images to load on a 54kbs dial-up connection when I was a kid felt very similar to this. 

pretty neat, huh?

    Internally I'm still a little leery about the ethics of using this to make money. But I do really need the cash right now and it's perfectly legal to use these images for commercial purposes. I think I'm going to sell prints and merch with this stuff printed on it. See where that gets me. 

A perfectly normal alleyway (don't look too closely)

    I'm still debating weather I should state that each was generated by Stable Diffusion or just let people think that I got really good at art literally over night. I feel like a lot of people might not be as interested if they knew a computer made the art but on the other hand, if they assume I'm the artist and then find out I'm not, that could cause a scandal. But you know what they say: "all publicity is good publicity." 

cool illustration

    You know what they also say: "famous last words."