Devlog #8 New Beginnings

     Well its been well over a year since my last devlog so a lot has happened, and not happened. I stopped working on all my projects and pixelart becuase my school work was taking a lot of my time. Now that summer break has started I want to get back into the thick of things. One thing I did was revisit my old projects and upload them to so if you want to play them in the browser you now can. Another thing that has happened is that I've started another project, big surprise I know. I had learned about GB Studio and was really interested in it becuase it allowed me to easily make a real Gameboy ROM that could be transferred to a real cartridge and played on a real Gameboy. I've always enjoyed the physical aspect of collecting games and displaying them in my house so this seemed like the perfect project for me. I went to work creating all new art and tilemaps for a top-down RPG style Gameboy game. Using GB Studio is simple and easy however it does come with a lot of limitations so I want to go for a more story driven game with a simple Zelda-like combat system. I want the game to be really light-hearted and funny.

I also went back and revisited an old match-3 game that I had stared after following a tutorial by HeartBeast. I started redrawing all the art in a pixelart style and I want to eventually release it as a free mobile game.
I started doing pixelart again just for the sake of practice and also to gain some traction on social media. I recently reached 800 followers on twitter and I started a bunch of accounts on different sites like Artfol and Newgrounds. I also opened up a merch shop on RedBubbble so if you want some pixelart stickers or any other merch check it out.